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The Chocolate Pig

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The Chocolate Pig is located inside the Cortex Innovation District, a fact that determines not just its address but the spirit in which it approaches its desserts. Not content to be the standard "cake and pie" sort of place, the restaurant is a bona fide dessert destination with sweet treats that evoke familiar flavors but are artfully presented to push the limits of what pastry can be. Though the restaurant's opening pastry chef, the talented Tyler Davis, has left, his impact on the dessert menu remains in offerings such as the signature Chocolate Peanut Butter Bomb, a stunning, softball-sized sphere of dark chocolate surrounded by peanut butter crumbles and freeze-dried berries. The dish is served with a warm berry sauce that, when poured over the chocolate, melts the exterior layer to reveal a silken peanut butter mousse with more cookie crumbles and berries inside. It's as dramatic as it is delicious.

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