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Gioia's Deli

Everything old is new again: Gioia's Deli has been a fixture on the Hill for 90 years — first as a grocery store, then in its present form — but in recent years, it has risen quite high on foodies' must-visit lists. The reason? Gioia's famous "hot salami," or Salam de Testa. Made from scratch each day, Salam de Testa is an alchemical blend of beef and pork snout: peppery, earthy, funky, divine. The more familiar Italian meats are terrific, too. The Italian trio sandwich gives you a taste of the Salam de Testa with both salami and mortadella, and the salsiccia possesses a fine balance of peppery spice and an autumnal fennel flavor. End your meal with the homemade Italian ice. You'll need a cleansed palate for another 90 years of Gioia's goodness.

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