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Posh Nosh

Last time we noshed at the Posh, a kindly older woman with snow-white hair, black eyeglasses and the most fetching smile took our order. She looks as if she's been around forever, which is about as long as the Posh Nosh has maintained its reputation as Clayton's classic deli. (We're here to tell you: A cup of Posh Nosh chicken soup will cure a cold.) You can get as wild as you like with the big sandwiches. Cole slaw on your pastrami? Go for it. Sauerkraut on your turkey club? Why the heck not? There's a bucket of it on your table anyway, along with another tub of thick, crisp dill pickles you can munch to your heart's content. You can even slather your corned beef with mayo -- as long as you don't do it when you're eating with us.
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