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Iron Barley

What's wonderful about Iron Barley's interior is that it looks like the food tastes: Southern-fried with a sense of humor. Just as chef and proprietor Tom Coghill refuses to take his menu too seriously -- hot dogs are smeared with jelly, grilled cheese sammiches (yes, "sammiches") are paired with peanut butter -- so is his sense of visual style both laid-back and laughable. Countless cast-iron frying pans of all sizes adorn the walls and tables (some used as ashtrays), the bathroom mirror is framed in a real saddle, and model cars and Boy Scout trophies line the shelves behind the lunch counter. Glance around Iron Barley for just a blink or two, and your optic nerves can clearly transmit to your palate what it's in for: a fun, greasy, hella good time.
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