Best Day-Trip Destination

Columbia, Missouri

Staff Pick

If you want to get out of St. Louis and want to take a little day trip without breaking the bank, Columbia, Missouri, is where it’s at for good cheap times. Not only can you get there and get back in a day, eliminating the need to spend money on a hotel, there are plenty of cheap or free things to do there, too. After you’ve taken a swing by the big burr oak tree (Google it) and eaten some pizza from the always-delicious Pizza Tree, the best place to see some cool stuff is Larry’s Boots (6401 US-40 Suite A, Columbia; 573-446-2668). Larry’s is a lot like any other rural boot store in many ways. However, in addition to work boots used on the farm, the place also has a wide selection of stylish boots that are made for dancing. Women can find the rhinestone boots that blond young ladies always seem to be wearing to country concerts, and Larry’s even carries some of those amazing Mexican cowboy boots with the extra-pointy swoop toes. —Jaime Lees
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