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Not content to perform at traditional arts venues alone, Flo STL has been active in creating events that live and breathe within spaces built specifically to the needs of their vision. This fall, for example, the company has brought to life a three-part performance piece called Secrets of the Bower House, which kicked off at the St. Lou Fringe Festival before a stop at a converted south-city basement and is scheduled to finish at downtown's annual Artica.

Curated by Blaize D'Angio and Audrey Simes, the pair more than live up to their mission of creating

"contemporary, immersive, dance theater. We are collaborative in nature, fluid in membership, and

multidisciplinary in form. We create art using practices that fulfill our needs and desires for deep play, exploration, and detail-oriented work." To date, the young choreographers/dancers/directors have been successful in making thoughtful, site-specific work that captures the imagination of even those with only a passing familiarity/interest in contemporary dance.

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