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Say what you will about hipsters, but when it boils down to the basics, urban bikers, tattooed ladies and mustachioed twentysomethings sure know how to have fun. HandleBar, the bicycle-themed watering hole in the heart of the Grove, may look like a mild-mannered neighborhood bar by day, but by night this is the kind of place where bartenders dress in drag and spray Champagne from atop the rail on the seething, sweaty crowd below. With a host of regular DJs blasting feet-moving beats across the dance floor multiple nights of the week, the HandleBar provides daily options for letting loose. This summer these PhDs of partying introduced a new experiment — Lunch Beat, a drug-free, alcohol-free midday dance party with its own Fight Club-esque manifesto. Rule No. 1: "If it's your first lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance." Rule No. 2: "If it's your second, third or fourth lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance." At HandleBar, the places you dance end up owning the best way possible.

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