Best Dance Club

Upstairs Lounge

When it comes to dance clubs in St. Louis, nothing is as raw as the Upstairs Lounge. Holding the unofficial title as the city's premier place to get down for the past twenty years, the Upstairs Lounge has made a name for itself in both dancing and DJ debauchery. As base for several long-time residencies, the Upstairs Lounge dance floor is lit up weekly by an aural onslaught of drum 'n' bass, dubstep, electro, all-time greatest hits and hip hop. This south-city mainstay has the romance of a dive bar, making it a stripped-down launch pad for freakfest delights. Cheap drinks coupled with a booming system get the night going. The place is lit by blood-red lights, and the sprawling open dance floor (centered beneath an iconic disco ball) is blissfully free of club litter and support beams, allowing large crowds to writhe in ecstasy. Don't be surprised if you find yourself atop a speaker, dancing until the world ends.

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