Best Dance Club

Club Viva

We absolutely love all the clubs on Washington Avenue -- from Velvet to Europe and every place in between. But this year we can't help but focus our attention on the word "dance" preceding "club" in this category. While dancing takes place at many venues downtown, most of these hotspots aren't necessarily in the business of teaching folks how to shake it in style. Sure, dancing should be something that you just do, that you just feel, but some people like to know exactly what they should be doing, and that's where Club Viva steps in. There, hot tropical Latin or reggae beats emanate from the subterranean space, depending on the night, and on Thursday and Saturday evenings from 8:30 to 9:30, salsa dance lessons are free. Free, we said. Plus, Viva's drinks are always vacation-ready, and the welcoming, multicultural dance floor, well, it's always mad hot.
Readers' Choice: Velvet
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