Best Dance Club

Upstairs Lounge

It depends on what you want, of course. Velvet's the best of the big dumb clubs, replete with the requisite big dumb dance floor, the big dumb dress code and the fake crowd queues they create outside. Velvet brings great house DJs into town, though, and supports the area's better rave promoters by offering them nights at the club. But, hell, big dumb clubs are big dumb clubs, and that one little smart club on South Grand is where it's at when you want to dance. All local DJs all the time, the Upstairs Lounge wanders throughout the week, offering a great mix of jungle, hip-hop, techno, house, rock, experimental and booty music; they offer freedom to their DJs, and when the place is hoppin' (Saturday nights rule, with the Litterthugz Crew and 84 Glyde alternating weeks; the former play funk and hip-hop, the latter deep house), there's no better little smart club anywhere in the world.
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