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Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop

Flashy, giant, goo-filled cupcakes with increasingly wacky flavors have been all the rage lately, but they can turn off even the sweetest of teeth. Whisk's cupcakes are the perfect antidote. Kaylen Wissinger, the pastry chef behind Whisk, started her business in 2011 as Farm Fresh Cupcakes, selling at local farmers' markets. Today, the appropriately sized cupcakes are a staple at her brick-and-mortar sustainable bakery. The ingredients are seasonally focused and local, with many vegan and gluten-free options. The menu changes with the availability of ingredients, but you can find cupcakes like zucchini spice, chocolate mint, maple bacon, blueberry lemon and eggnog. Wissinger has all kinds of ways to keep her cupcakes all natural: The red-velvet cupcake, for example, is flavored with red wine and beets rather than food coloring. There are plenty of other tasty treats at Whisk, but it's the cupcakes that keep us coming back.

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