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The Cup

The Cup was the first shop in town to embrace the cupcake trend — and own it. Since opening in 2007 (as the Cupcakery), this Central West End "gourmet cupcake bakery" has toiled to distill the essence of what a cupcake should be. With seven "classic" flavors served daily and more than a dozen limited edition/seasonal/featured flavors, the Cup elevates the humble cupcake while — and this is crucial — maintaining its simplicity. From the moist cake that almost instantly melts in your mouth to the fresh-made frosting (bow to the peanut-butter buttercream atop the oh-so-rich "Peanut Butter Cup," and the cream-cheese cap that flawlessly complements the delectable "Red Velvet") is prepared with unmistakable care. Speaking of attention to detail, for those who hanker to follow what special flavors are sold on which days, the Cup publishes its baking schedule on its website.

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