Best Culinary Middle Finger to President Bush's War on Obesity

Slinger, O.T. Hodge Chile Parlor

Dieting is as American as mom and apple pie. But what continues to puzzle is that none of us seems to remember the first thing we were taught in health class our sophomore year in high school -- that dieting doesn't work. It's all about the exercise, folks. So, provided you can pull your ass off the couch and walk around your neighborhood for a lousy half-hour everyday, you can eat pretty much whatever you damn well please. Come to think of it, obesity is also as American as apple pie. And there is no finer way to reject our nation's new obsession than by taking down a heapin' helpin' of a local breakfast dish called the slinger, the finest version of which is available at your friendly neighborhood O.T. Hodge. A veritable carnival of grease and cholesterol, the St. Lou slinger is essentially a mound of eggs, hamburger, breakfast potatoes and -- yes indeedy -- chili! For you vegetarians out there, O.T. Hodge offers up the slimmed-down Eggs in Sauce, which comes sans hamburger (actually, at O.T.'s you get two cheeseburger patties with the normal version, adding insult to injury). Oh yeah, it still has the meaty chili. Maybe it's not vegetarian. Can't win 'em all!

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