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4 Hands Brewery

There's no shortage of formidable craft breweries in St. Louis, and only time will tell which will fade and which will blossom. 4 Hands Brewery's recipe for success doesn't require a reinvention of the wheel or lofty experimentation; rather it taps into the most likable aspects of American craft brews to produce some of the boldest flavors in town. Whether it's one of the seasonal saisons brewed with traditional fruits, or the hoppy IPAs embraced (too much and for too long, if you ask us) by the local craft-beer community, 4 Hands delivers extremely enjoyable results with each of its eight (and counting) beers. Throw in the fact that local restaurateur extraordinaire, Dave Bailey, recently launched the Fifth Wheel, a restaurant located in the brewery's tasting room, and 4 Hands gets even handier.

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