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The Usual Suspects

The Kevin Spacey-led noir film The Usual Suspects is built upon a layer cake of deception, intrigue and obfuscation, where every seemingly innocuous statement belies an intricate web of lies. The local five-piece known as the Usual Suspects pulls no such punches in their live performances, playing rock & roll classics with a soulful flair. Singer and guitarist Barry Lalamander has the sort of husky croon that would bring a tear to Joe Cocker's bloodshot eyes ("Feelin' Alright" — itself a Cocker cover — is a staple in the Suspects' set), and the rest of the band backs him up with an unobtrusive competence. A midsummer night's show at a south-county watering hole found the band plying its trade with no shortage of grace and good cheer, coaxing the weekend warriors to shake it to a Blues Brothers medley. Business as usual for this good-time cover band.
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