Best Cover Band

The Skulls

The intensity of the Skulls is found in the sweaty face of lead singer Devin Baker -- and also on his arm. His face contorts as he screams out the lyrics to "TV Casualty" and other Misfits covers, but on his arm lies the tattoo that explains it all: "WWDD" -- "What Would Danzig Do?" Baker's impression of erstwhile Misfits lead singer (and angry bodybuilder) Glenn Danzig comes complete with sideburns, gallons of sweat, minimal between-song patter and a soulful croon that sounds pretty authentic over the stabbing punk music. Baker actually goes Danzig one better, though -- from all accounts, he's not an asshole. The Skulls do nothing but Misfits covers (OK, they also do one Black Sabbath song), and they do them well, electrifying small crowds and doing just what a cover band should -- bring life to great music without futzing it up.
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