Best Costume Design

Teresa Doggett

A year has passed since Act Inc. and Fontbonne University served up Carlo Goldoni's eighteenth-century Italian romp, The Servant of Two Masters. But if any stage production in St. Louis since then has sported more impressive costumes—and that includes Opera Theatre and the big musicals that passed through the Fox—we didn't see it. Teresa Doggett did a spectacular job of designing and building clothes that were so expressive, they hardly needed actors to wear them. They told the story; they were the show. Witty, informative, extravagant, they almost made you want to become an actor just so you'd have a legitimate reason to slip into one of these confections. A year later, memories of the production begin to fade. But those cascades of costumes remain as breathtakingly vivid as if last week had been opening night.
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