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Amaretto Macaroon

It looks like a puffy Nilla Wafer but tastes nothing like one. The amaretto macaroon at Missouri Baking Company is light as helium, soft as sponge cake and sweet as cotton candy. It is, in short, divine. It's also the best-selling of the 28 varieties of tea cookies sold at Missouri Baking Company, which is saying something, considering this destination confectionery on the Hill has been named one of the best bakeries in the nation. Don't take it from us, though: Ask the baker himself, Chris Gambaro, who operates the third-generation bakery with his sister, Mimi Lordo. "It's my favorite cookie we have," he says, adding that the history of the almond-flavored treat dates back decades. "It's been here at least 40 years. My father was making it when I got started." Spoken like a true baker, Gambaro adds that the amaretto macaroon — made from just sugar, macaroon paste and egg white — is also gluten free. "What do you call that term for people who don't eat flour? It's got that."
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