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It began as an attempt to differentiate his business from the dozens of similar hot-dog stands inside area Home Depot and Lowe's stores. It grew into an obsession. Four years ago Jason Gaines opened his first stand in the Chesterfield Valley Home Depot with the then-novel selection of ten mustards, three varieties of ketchup and ten assorted hot sauces. Soon customers were suggesting other condiments to add to his collection and Gaines began shopping the Internet and specialty stores. "Before I knew it, I had 50 different mustards, 80 hot sauces and a dozen varieties of ketchup," reports Gaines, who carried on the tradition when he opened his second stand in the Brentwood Home Depot this past February. The selection includes "Ass Reaper" hot sauce, a Japanese wasabi mustard and Mexican ketchup (a.k.a. salsa de tomate). "I get people who won't even buy a hot dog, but they'll stop to take a picture of all the condiments," says Gaines. With all those options, would you believe that the first to go are always French's yellow mustard and Heinz ketchup? "It's shameful," Gaines laments.

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