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The Cardinal Sin

Sinful, indeed. As in, lust for just a lick propels you down to south city, envy wracks your wayward soul as those in line before you turn away from the old-school custard hut with concretes in hand, gluttony and greed double-whammy you upside the head once that paper chalice of vanilla custard, hot fudge and whole bing cherries becomes yours, and sloth inevitably follows as you once again confound yourself by eating the whole thing. While there are about 30 different kinds of fruit, nuts, candy, cookies and sauces available for concrete mixing at Ted Drewes, hardly any other goodie combo calibrates sweet to tart like a Cardinal Sin. If pride must be counted among the seven deadly sins, then damn us all now for exuding such near-arrogant devotion toward this hometown treat.
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