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Form A Log

In a music community that sports posters littered with pixelated jpegs, awful kerning and little regard for design, it's easy to spot those made by folks who care for the craft of the concert poster. Collage enthusiast Jeremy Kannapell is one of few in our great city determined to bring life to the art of promotion. Working outside of the traditional realms of screenprinting and computer design, Kannapell's psychedelic collages remain rooted in the world of Xerox. It was with little surprise that his hand-cut poster for Form A Log's visit in May stood out so prominently. Blossoming in full color, a cascade of floating heads rise as if projecting an out-of-body experience against the transparent grit of Xerox grain. Mirrored dragons are trapped in a sea of geometry, imprisoned by the spheres and quadrants that define the space. Simple text lists the bands, venue, and date with a humorous hint for donations: "$ YES." You might not be familiar with who's playing, but Kannapell's posters tell you in no uncertain terms that it stands to be an event you don't want to miss.

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