Best Concert Poster

Tom Huck

It's a vast understatement to say Tom Huck is a Motörhead fan. Dude has a tattoo honoring the UK metal legends on his neck. His love for the band is woven into the detail and care he took with the poster for its September 2008 show at the Pageant. Scenes of fire, military destruction and other tough-guy flourishes — barbed wire, volcanoes and skulls — explode under a banner advertising the show's promoter (KSHE's long-running Monday Night Metal show). But the poster's centerpiece is worthy of dual devil horns: A sheepish-looking skull peeks out of a just-fired army tank, which is branded with the band's horned War-Pig icon (an image found on the cover of Motörhead's first album, among other places). And of course, the poster is completely drawn in shades of black, white and gray — would you expect anything else?

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