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If there's one thing that disrupts an enjoyable walk down Delmar Boulevard, it's the horde urging you to sign this petition, save your soul before it's too late, attend their concert, visit their store. But last fall Hipsterphonic handed out fliers for their upcoming—and final—concert of the year. As we began to crumple the paper, we stopped, read it, laughed out loud, made copies for our co-workers and hung them up around the office. "Please join Hipsterphonic as we play our last show of the year. One of us has a 'drug problem'...and 'needs help.' So don't miss out on one last night of hardcore partying[...]. Party will be going from 9 p.m. until we blackout." Three stick figures were giving a fourth an emotional send-off, tears falling and fingers flashing horns as Figure No. 4 toted his belongings, hobolike, toward a building labeled "REHAB." Lead vocalist Ruman Kazi reports that guitarist Stu Aldridge is now out of rehab, and that the band recently debuted a new bass player and headlined a show at Mississippi Nights. Wonder if there was a flier for that one.
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