Best Concert Poster Designer

Jason Potter

Jason Potter has designed T-shirts for bands and for the local 2010 census in between his gigs drumming for rock bands such as Left Arm and the Midtown Thieves. But his screen-printed concert posters — which he creates in the basement of his Edwardsville home — are some of the sleekest in town. They're at once old-fashioned and modern, somewhere between a late-'70s punk-rock poster and vaudevillian scenes. A Monty Python-esque cut-and-paste figure might frolic around block lettering atop a cartoonish city skyline, or a streamlined mod font might march across an abstract piece of vintage clip art. Above all, Potter knows how to match an aesthetic to the tone of a show, and he isn't afraid to be playful: His stylized poster for this past summer's Indie Rock Ice Cream Social featured two bears — a male and a female, the former wearing a top hat — dancing a courtship jitterbug on top of an old-fashioned ice cream truck.

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