Best Concert of the Past 12 Months

Leonard Cohen

Before Leonard Cohen's Fox Theatre concert even transpired, it had the air of the Earth passing through the orbit of a seldom-seen comet. At the age of 75, Cohen was on his first U.S. tour in fifteen years — and was making his first performance in St. Louis, ever. Cohen didn't disappoint: Clad in an elegant black suit, the silver-haired singer bounded onstage and, for three hours, proceeded to enrapture his audience with misty memories, steamy stolen glances, elegant poetry and foggy mash notes. Cohen's stellar band, a well-rehearsed bunch led by long-time collaborator Roscoe Beck, never flubbed a note, missed a beat or mussed a harmony. The night had everything a fan could have asked to hear; songs such as "Suzanne," "Famous Blue Raincoat," "So Long, Marianne," "Chelsea Hotel #2" and (of course) "Hallelujah" were majestic, timeless and devastatingly moving.

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