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Even in pre-pandemic times, the incorporation of alcohol into the business model of Apotheosis Comics & Lounge was a stroke of genius. But here in the nightmare that is 2020, it’s nothing short of a godsend — especially considering the shop has gotten into the curbside game. Those who wish to peruse the bountiful racks are still free to do so — masks on, of course — but those who are still wary of wandering into buildings while an airborne virus terrorizes all of Gotham can make use of the shop’s takeout window. Just visit, place your order, set it to pickup and then ring the bell on the front door. Soon an employee will deliver your graphic novels (and, if you’re like us, malted beverages) safely through a Spiderman-themed opening in the door — it’s that simple! And it’s much needed. In these trying times what we crave are heroes — Batman, the X-Men, Superman, sure — but just as crucially, that hero whose name is spelled A-P-O-T-H-E-O-S-I-S. — Daniel Hill

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