Best Comic Book Store

Star Clipper

Star Clipper celebrated 26 years in business this year by: devising a customer-friendly way to fight Amazon (a price-matching/layaway plan that benefits the customer first and the retailer second); giving away 10,000 free comics on Free Comic Book Day; and offering a second year of its innovative (and free) Comics University series of classes and lectures, which was designed to educate and entertain. In between all that, Star Clipper hosted a number of signings by comic creators of all flavors (mainstream, underground and local), gave away cake on Batman's birthday and continued to offer great service and the largest inventory of graphic novels in the city. In the digital realm, Star Clipper maintains a robust Facebook page where news is shared, opinions are bandied and prizes are given away regularly. And even if you knew none of that and simply walked in off the street, you'd know the place was something special because of the world-class customer service.

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