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All American Collectibles/Mo's Comics

Mark Farace is a collector's collector. After buying St. Louis' two oldest comic-book shops in 1998, Farace decided to carry on their legacy, moving the two stores under a single roof even while keeping both names. A purist at heart, Farace has strayed from the gaming and fantasy side of the business in order to offer an excellent range of comic books. After moving the store in December from Chippewa Street to Hampton Avenue just south of Loughborough, Farace had the new shop up and running in just one day. As boxes are still being unpacked, one can't help but stand in awe at the care put into the place. All American features a wide variety of comics (from D.C. to Marvel to Image to Darkhorse), all properly displayed and maintained. Featuring a perfect balance of old and new, it's one of the few stores in town getting the newest comics each week while maintaining a huge stock of vintage gems. Farace remains ahead of the game by providing a loyal following with everything they want and nothing they don't.

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