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Star Clipper

Even if you haven't stepped inside a comic book store since Rob Liefeld was the primary artist behind X-Force, a ragtag group of Marvel mutants led by a then still-mortal and atrophy-ankled antihero named Cable, a quick visit to Star Clipper on Delmar should set you straight. The staff is among the most knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic bunch of employees anywhere in the city, always ready with a recommendation if you're willing to reveal a little of your tastes. Say you're a fan of Daniel Clowes. They might point you toward Peter Bagge's iconic Hate stories, or if you're feeling more adventurous, they might tip you off to Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim before it inevitably explodes in popularity. If North American indie ain't your flavor, the well-stocked and modernly organized store is filled with current manga, superhero titles, art design books, and even plush displays of Uglydolls, Tim Burton paraphernalia and vinyl Japanese collectibles. Comics are becoming cool again, and with Star Clipper's renowned art gallery showings and DJ performances on the Loop, this is ground zero for reacquainting yourself with the culture.

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