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Star Clipper Comics

Yes, Star Clipper won this award last year. And it's right next door to the office—does anyone else see an easy out for a desperate writer? Return your conspiracy theories to their upright and locked positions, please. This has nothing to with proximity and everything to do with the ruination of your free time. Star Clipper's selection of comics, graphic novels and related ephemera is as exhaustive as a store can hope to boast. But more to the point: Dude, they've sneaked into your home—taken something as dumb and pointless as "the blog" and turned it into something as dumb and pointless (and entertaining) as a blog. On, staff members pipe a constant conversation about our beloved comics into the ether—and into the hours when we used to sleep (or work). Thanks to this blognology, you can now argue (online) with Dan about why you refuse to read his favorite book. You can argue (online) with Ben about why you will watch Battlestar Galactica but you won't buy the books. You can even argue (online) with Elizabeth about why neither of you will see the Watchmen movie, should that monstrosity actually get made. The greatest part of buying comics is arguing about comics—and now that pursuit is not just limited to business hours. It's the greatest achievement in comics' arguments since Brian Michael Bendis' fatuously overblown reputation (oh, we're posting that as soon as we're done writing this).
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