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Star Clipper Comics

How can anyone single out a comic book store as better than any other comic book store? They all carry the same titles, they all put the books out on the same day, and they all charge the same price for each issue. Thanks to the comic book industry, it's a very level playing field. Like most comic shop staffs, the staff at Star Clipper Comics is well-versed in the genre as a whole. But Star Clipper's collective, unabashed love for the endless possibility of what makes a good comic book distinguishes them from other shops. That and their massive stock of graphic novels, which is the easiest, most cost-effective way for both the novice reader and the committed diehard to connect to the art form. The folks at Star Clipper are as quick to highlight the mid-'80s sci-fi pulp of Alien Legion as they are to make a display of the latest "serious art" comics from France; they'll point a young science-fiction fan toward the timeless beauty of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon to discover the roots of the art and advise an old cynic to pick up the Cartoon Network version of Teen Titans to rediscover the fun of superheroes. That long, double run of graphic novel-stocked bookshelves that covers the length of Star Clipper's sales floor is a pipeline to fantastic universes populated by immortal heroes, lovable losers, brooding anti-heroes, normal people, talking animals and other wondrous strangeness. That's what a comic book store should promise, and Star Clipper Comics delivers on that promise.
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