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All American Collectibles

There is a crisis in the world of comics, an emergency that not even the X-Men (or movies about them) can fix. Years ago the death of the corner newsstand decimated the number of kids who read comic books, and things haven't been the same since. Most folks don't know where the few comic book stores in their area are located, and without the rise of collectible card games such as Magic, such stores would be closing even faster than they already are. Who will save us? All American Collectibles has the right idea. This store has a special room that contains nothing but 25-cent comics. That's right -- comics for a quarter. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when things were a hell of a lot cheaper. Read comics that may not be the latest to fall off the truck but do feature good art and good writing (we found the first twenty issues of Legends of the Dark Knight there recently -- great stuff). Step into an old world for new adventures, all for the cost of a gumball, and come back for more. Comic book addicts who start out young and keep reading (just like in Japan) are what this industry needs.
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