Best Comic-Book Artist

Chris Samnee

Meet Chris Samnee, the hardest-working comic-book artist in St. Louis. You may have seen his work in DC's The Mighty, which he started drawing earlier this year. Or maybe you've admired the drawing in Marvel's Dead of Night series or Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula or the Oni graphic novel Capote in Kansas. Those are his, too. There's no doubt about it: Samnee is a rising star in the comics world. (He even once did a story for Harvey Pekar's American Splendor.) The drawings of Batman he's posted on his blog, rendered in shadows and implied lines, are unlike any other rendition of the Dark Knight you've ever seen. (And you've probably seen quite a few.) Of course, all these plum assignments means Samnee has an incredible workload. He's been known to put in twenty-hour days at the drawing board. When he gets a cramp, he soaks his elbow in ice water and keeps working. But at the end of every all-nighter, he finds time to make a little sketch for his wife Laura's lunch bag, which she posts on her own blog, lunch notes ( And that is why you can't help but love this guy as much as you admire his work.

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