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Amy's Corner Bakeshop

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Stop! Put down the plasticky Kraft American singles and boring Wonder slices. Don't you realize that a grilled­-cheese sandwich from Amy's Corner Bakeshop could do so much more ­to heal your pain? Think about the joy homemade sourdough could bring to your tastebuds. Imagine flecks of garden-­fresh jalapeños dancing throughout that carby goodness. Consider several local cheeses ­­— perhaps sweet chevre, perhaps sharp cheddar, perhaps a tart bleu ­­— welcoming a few slices of backyard tomato into their choir of flavor. A sandwich of such delicious items grilled with just enough heat to melt the cheese and lightly char the bread ­­has the power to help you overcome nearly all of life's troubles, even if only for the fifteen minutes it remains on your plate. Time to start your therapy. 4476 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis, 63110. 314-371-2253, .
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