Best Comfort Food

Porter's Fried Chicken

Porter's has long been underrated. It may not be fancy, but that's the great thing about it. You get your chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and roll in a cardboard box regardless of whether it's eat in or carry out, and all for as little as $4.99. The no-frills restaurant offers other classic comfort foods like burgers, sandwiches and desserts, but the golden fried chicken is the main event. Don't forget to try the spicy version — you won't regret it. Porter's has buckets, chicken by the piece and wings. Plus, there are all kinds of other fried delights available: gizzard, liver, cod, catfish, shrimp, okra, toasted ravioli, jalapeño poppers, chicken strips, onion rings, fries, corn fritters and more. Call it an ode to the deep fryer. It's enough to give you a coronary, but it might even be worth it.

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