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Helium Comedy Club

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You get to see your favorite comedians up close and personal at Helium (1151 St. Louis Galleria Street; 314-727-1260). Some clubs have a big stage set far away from the crowd, but if you’re up front at Helium, you feel like you’re practically sharing the low stage with your comedy heroes. It’s a place where comedians feel free to put on a grand show but also feel comfortable enough to try out new material, knowing that they’ll be able to read your face to see if their new jokes land. That also means that some comedians will pick you out and use you for jokes. If you’re not into that, you’ll need to sit all the way at the back, because they can see you anywhere in this club. There’s no bad seat in the house, which means there’s nowhere to hide, either. —Jaime Lees
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