Best College Athlete

Emil Williams Jr.

Are bowlers athletes? Are jockeys just along for the ride? How about race-car drivers? State champion truckers? Pro wrestlers? Long-drive champions? Poker sharks? Billiards wizards? Or that guy who just won his seventh straight Tour de France? Dumb debates don't deserve the dignity of a definitive answer, and so it is with zero shame that we bestow this year's Best College Athlete honor upon Emil Williams Jr. of the Lindenwood University's national-champion bowling team. His teammates call Williams -- a native Chicagoan who led his squad past Fresno State in the intercollegiate finals this past June at the Cherry Bowl in Rockford, Illinois -- the Human Firecracker. The lead bowler on a multiethnic squad that looks as though it was lifted from Lebowski -- blue-flame polyester shirts and all -- Williams will roll for two more years before livening up the pro tour. Remember: You read it here first.
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