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Close your eyes and picture a coffeehouse. A real-deal, Seattle-inspired, '90s-style sort of spot — the kind of place Winona and Ethan would go to chain-smoke cigarettes and blather on about The Man. This is Restituo, a bohemian jewel in the Shaw neighborhood. Restituo looks like it was decorated by a vintage-obsessed gypsy: Old velvet couches, mismatched tables and chairs, and eclectic tchotchkes give the space a warm, quirky vibe. You won't find exotic pour-overs here — just pots of smooth, easy-drinking joe meant for sipping on all day. There's WiFi available, but time here is much more appropriately spent reading de Beauvoir and plotting the revolution. It's about as quintessential as coffeehouses get. 4100 Shenandoah Avenue, St. Louis, 63110.
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