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Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios

Located on a sleepy corner in Maplewood next to Ryan Hummert Memorial Park, the Stone Spiral, named for the faux-Druid ring of rocks on the patio, is nothing if not a throwback. The windows are handpainted with ads for lemonade and slushies, the interior is decorated with handmade bric-a-brac and concert posters from the '70s, and the varieties of coffee number only three. The modest menu is fairly priced, with flatbread pizzas, hummus, fruit and muffins, and the service is as friendly and charming as the girl next door. The library boasts hundreds of books, free for the taking and/or the supplementing should you wish to donate. If you're looking for a quiet place to read, do some work (Wi-Fi's fast and free) or hear a singer-songwriter (the evening music schedule is steady and diverse), there's no more friendly or comfortable café in town.

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