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Café Ventana

A coffeehouse should percolate more than just good coffee: Creativity, community and peace of mind are also essential ingredients in a winning brew. Café Ventana succeeds thanks to a beautiful space that feels just right whether you're chatting with friends over cappuccino or wine, studying for final exams, reading the daily fishwrap or writing the latest revision of your Great American Novel. Add a menu that draws from the traditions of both Paris and New Orleans, and you could linger here all day, from a breakfast of coffee and beignets to a light lobster bisque lunch to a muffuletta sandwich or crab tart for dinner. If all of that isn't enough to refuel your energy and refresh your spirit, Café Ventana also offers absinthe. It might not cause you to see little green fairies, but it will definitely enliven your conversation (not to mention your term paper).

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