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Mississippi Mud House

The Cherokee neighborhood has been working to make a comeback for a long time. At the heart of its most recent (and successful) arts-and-culture renaissance is a devoted group of gadflies, activists and community leaders who congregate at Mike and Cyndee Saunchegraw's Mississippi Mud House. Stop by to get a cup of the joint's house-roasted joe and roaster/barista Christopher Ruess will happily introduce you to any number of his devoted neighbors and patrons. From the president of the neighborhood business association to the creator of the Cherokee Street Yahoo! Group to the 15th Ward alderman, they all drink their drip at the colorful corner coffee shop. Every neighborhood needs a watering hole, and every neighborhood needs a hub like Mississippi Mud.

Correction posted September 26: As originally published, this item mistakenly identified Mississippi Mud House barista and coffee roaster Christopher Ruess as an owner of the establishment. Ruess owns the coffee roaster, not the coffeehouse, which belongs to its founders, Mike and Cyndee Saunchegraw. The above version reflects the corrected text.

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