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"Don't you just have normal coffee?" is an oft-heard refrain in the modern but cozy confines of Blueprint Coffee. A few decades ago, a highbrow cup of joe meant opening a tin of General Foods International Café Vienna and adding water. Now, the once humble beverage has been elevated to craft status by the YUTs (young urban tradesmen and -women) who have fetishized every aspect of the beverage. You'll find this at Blueprint. The ethically sourced, seasonal beans are roasted in house with meticulous care, and lattes are prepared by baristas who place in national competitions. The coffee is served in a Pyrex beaker, for goodness' sake. But don't let that intimidate you — Blueprint serves its brew totally sans snobbery, and the patient, kind staff behind the counter will explain the whole process if you're interested, or they'll simply brew your joe with a smile that doesn't fade — even if you choose to dump a boatload of cream in your sun-washed Yirgacheffe.

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