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Goshen Coffee Company

Anyone else sick of being exhorted to eat local? We live in the Midwest. At certain times of year (known as "winter"), if we had to eat local, we'd starve. And what about coffee, the bean of life? It doesn't grow here. What to do? Ah, but wait! Coffee can be roasted locally. Here in St. Louis we're lucky to have a host of roasters: Kaldi's, Shaw, Thomas, Northwest. But, best of all, there's the Goshen Coffee Company over in Edwardsville. Goshen's organically grown beans are roasted to perfection, a deep, rich brown with the slightest sheen of oil. Once they're ground and steeped, you get a fantastic cup of coffee, full-bodied and flavorful without the noxious burned aftertaste of some celebrated national brands. Goshen sells a variety of single-origin coffees, but it's the blends, named after favorite nearby institutions such as Old School Tattoo, 222 Bakery and Pi Pizzeria, that truly make you feel like you're sipping local. Go ahead, enjoy that sense of moral superiority.

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