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Kaldi's Coffeehouse and Market Bakery

The line doesn't lie. It winds awkwardly around the front room of Kaldi's, squeezed tight with irritable junkies. They hold monogrammed mugs, and their minds race with crackhead chatter: "oh lord hurry hurry hurry what's taking so long so I think this morning it'll be a double shot with a splash of 2-percent no wait maybe a straight double ooh that person has a mocha maybe this morning is a mocha morning." The oft-interminable line is no freak of nature. Kaldi's makes a consistently great cup of coffee, and people drive out of their way to feed their dragon. The good news is that more and more, we don't have to. Kaldi's beans are found at coffeehouses and restaurants on both sides of the river, and in the past year they've expanded their retail operations, as well, with new locations in Kirkwood, Springfield and, come November, the Chesterfield Valley.
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