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Natasha Bahrami was working in Washington, D.C., as a Middle East scholar when her mom sat her down for a much needed heart-to-heart. "She said to me, 'Look, I know that you seem to feel the need to have all of these day jobs, but you should feel free to do what you actually want to do,'" Bahrami recalls. She kept her day jobs but spent her evenings working at the best bars in the District, learning as much as she could. Upon her return to St. Louis, Bahrami converted the bar area at Café Natasha into the Gin Room, an homage to the botanical spirit that captured her heart. Her gin collection is unrivaled in this town — or just about anywhere — and her exotic housemade tonics, made from ingredients such as turmeric, apricot and coriander, are perfect complements to the spirit. But it's not just gin that Bahrami serves up at the Gin Room. The bar is a tasting room for bourbons, ryes, aperitifs and craft beers, and Bahrami is always on hand to share her vast knowledge. It may have taken her some time to realize it, but Bahrami has always been the Gin Girl. 3200 South Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, 63232. 314-771-3411,
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