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Grounds for Divorce

Most of the time, a trip to the pub is a social occasion with lots of friends and boisterous laughter over pitchers. But occasionally, on darker days, it can be a solo affair. There is sidling involved. And when that world-weary ass hits the stool, there's a particular type of drink to order. The "Grounds for Divorce" is one such drink, with a name just as dark as its ingredients. Mixologist and co-owner TJ Vytlacil crafted this one personally — it's made from a base of Black Maple Hill Bourbon and amaro, vermouth, Campari, two kinds of bitters, and topped with a bloody maraschino cherry. All together it adds up to something complex and herbal, and it has the look of a goblet full of poison. It's also serious drinking for anyone dealing with a serious problem. They say the bartender is a therapist, but at Blood & Sand, so is the menu.

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