Best Club to Die in the Past 12 Months


A part of St. Louis died when Tangerine passed away and Lo closed its almost-hidden, nondescript door. The end was so sudden -- no wake, no final goodbye. All that was left was a hangover and four years' worth of memories of the tiny dark co-ed bathroom; the uncomfortable yet coveted benches; and oh, the cold sake infusions! Peach was the best, with strawberry right behind it. And drinking out of the pitcher was essential -- that way you didn't have to share, and all the fruity goodness was all for you. Lo was one of those places that on certain nights, when there was just the perfect mix of booze and when the room was off the hook with hot music and people everywhere were dancing unabashedly -- on the speakers, at the bar, in the bathroom line, you name it -- you could look around and know you were at home. These were your kindred spirits; they got it and so did you, at that precise time, at that exact moment. Even if something else opens on 15th Street in its wake, the new place can't possibly displace its predecessor. Lo was, truly, a part of St. Louis club history.
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