Best Club DJ

DJ Kid Delicious

Kyo, Drunken Fish, Urban, the Crescent Room. No, this isn't a list of hot spots where Jessica Alba was spotted over the summer, but it is a partial record of where another patron-pleaser could be found: DJ Kid Delicious. This hard-working woman rocks the decks no matter where she goes—including Miami, where the RFT sent her to play the Winter Music Conference in <\#213>05. There's no knocking her skills as a DJ, but it's Kid D's natural knack for imparting her cheery, party-friendly mood that sets her apart. She knows it takes a group of DJs to keep the nightlife dream alive in St. Louis, so you won't ever hear her bad-mouthing the scene or her club comrades. Delicious indeed. And although she looks up to a lot of the veteran DJs around town and her DJ moniker highlights her youth, she's a brilliant example for any kids coming up. You know she's not going to be the kid on the scene forever.
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