Best Club DJ

Rob Lemon

After years of watching the DJ scene around the world -- the RFT is omnipresent, you know -- one conclusion can be drawn: Half the road to fame is paved on a good DJ name. Sure, the music's important, but if your DJ name is something that's hard to pronounce, confusing or makes people feel dumb for even uttering it, you're screwed. Rob Lemon was born with a good DJ name. He didn't have to waste any precious time in the mid '90s brainstorming and scribbling down names, only to crumple up the scraps, sighing disgustedly. And all those hours he saved went directly into practicing and perfecting his craft -- and giving back to the scene. See, this Velvet resident is also the director of the Velocity Promote Group, a nightclub consulting company that has a decent-size roster of DJs (local guys like Curt Becker and Scott McMurray and some out-of-town talent, too) who play at places all over town. Rob has opened for the likes of Christopher Lawrence, he rocked the XM Radio waves earlier this year, and he regularly plays out of town (talk about omnipresent!). And seriously, how could you not have fun when an expertly mixed Rob Lemon set could include the latest from Deep Dish and a remix of a My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult song?
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