Best Clothing Store for Kids

Once Upon a Child

Imagine the greatest neighborhood block sale you've ever been to. Now imagine it with nothing but brand-name, gently used children's items. Got that image? Then you can picture what it's like inside Once Upon a Child, the franchisee-owned chain of resale shops that is always stuffed to the rafters with row upon row of kids' clothes, shoes, costumes and more. Seriously, one wonders how it can get all the merchandise inside these stores and how it is that items such as a near-new North Face jacket, a pristine pair of L.L. Bean boots or an adorable Nordstrom dress can be picked up for so little coin. And Once Upon a Child isn't just for moms looking to outfit their kids: It's also a place for savvy parents to offload the gear their kids have outgrown in return for cash and/or store credit, a formula that ensures that Once Upon a Child is always stocked with fresh content.

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